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Weight Loss

Personal Training in the New Farm and surrounding areas that is completely tailored to your fitness and injury needs. Come on down today for a FREE Personal training session today.

Strength Training 

Strength training has a huge involvement in almost every single training goal. from weight loss to general toning strength training creates the underlying base for these goals.


Sports Performance is by far the most important type of training, which is messed up by so many trainers. Contact JB Fit today for scientific and proven methods for improvements in sports performance.


Check out what our trainers says

Josh is the Head Trainer at JB Fit. Josh has an unstoppable drive for achieving results for each and every one of his clients which just shows his level of passion for health and fitness as a whole. He doesnt just make his clients go through the grueling sessions he makes sure he has gone through the same sessions and makes sure he leads by example for everyone of his clients, this just reniforces the levl of trust each client has in him and his abilities to get them to acheive their results.


Choose your style

Personal Training

Completely individualized and customised to your training goals, weaknesses and injuries to acheive your goals in the fastest and safest way possible.

Starting from $33

Semi Private Training

Semi Private consists of small groups of friends and family that rather train together.

Groups consist of 2-4 people, this enables each client to get direct attention and guidance throughout the workout.

Starting from $20

Group Training

Affordable choice compared to personal training and semi private training the workouts are still programmed for progresiiv overload and continual devleopement, but with limited guidane and attention form the trainer due to eh incerase in client numbers.

Starting from $10


Check some of our client’s reviews

I have been with Josh for a couple of months now. I was hesitant to begin with after having a trainer who wouldn’t listen to what I wanted or when something was hurting, but Josh listens to what I want and what I would like to achieve and really helps me focus on these things. I was having trouble with activating certain muscles by doing things incorrectly, so he worked with me to improve my technique and I have seen the results. He listens when I say something is too difficult or is hurting and he will modify anything to suit me. I really recommend Josh as a PT and enjoy training with him.

Jacque Clark

I am a long time member of Bootcamps Australian and love every minute of the grueling session you guys put us through. Josh has been an amazing trainer and coach. The most amazing feeling is getting stronger, fitter and better than you were and not realizing that you could. Throughout the challenge Josh always encouraged me and pushed me to my limits with a smile. It is great to see someone who thoroughly enjoys what they do and could not have asked for a better coach. “Make it look easy!”

Crystal Gore

I rocked up to Boot Camps Australia New Farm a scrawny, pasty accountant but now I’m just a pasty accountant thanks to the early mornings and late nights I spent with Josh. Josh made me feels things in places I’ve never felt before and I couldn’t be more thankful for the solid routine he’s helped me in to. Such is the motivational prowess of this guy, that after our last session together, I couldn’t walk for a week! My technique has improved, I’ve learnt so much about my own body and one day I just hope that I can be as successful a man as my trainer. I highly recommend everyone giving Josh a chance. It might take a little while to ease into him, but once he’s got you settled, he’ll ride you hard and take you to places you only dreamed about. Seriously though, he’s all the man you’ll ever need!

Stuart Mckelvie

Josh is a great trainer! He makes all of his sessions really tough and knows just how and when to encourage you and push you. I have walked away from more than a few sessions feeling like I have nothing left. I have been training at Bootcamps a long time and have noticed that I have gotten a lot stronger since doing the challenge with Josh. He has a great deal of knowledge and passion for fitness and is just a fun person to be around.

Gertrud Farkas



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