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Sports Performance

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Sports Performance

Have you ever been injured as a result of playing sport?

Want to make it to the next level in your chosen sport?

Is your training in the gym affecting your on field performance?

Sports performance training at JB Fit is the best choice for your athlete performance you will ever make.

Most athletes in all sports don’t pay enough attention to their recovery and are set in the mindset that the harder they train the better they will become; this is true to a degree. But beating yourself day in and day out will only lead to injury through over training creating muscular imbalances and in the long run a decrease in performance. Recovery is just as important as the training itself, and if you don’t have a specific training program that focuses on specific training adaptations at different stages of your sporting season then you’re not reaching your full potential as an athlete.

Our personal training for sporting athletes is based sole off the demands of the sport and the individual’s current athletic abilities. We use a scientific and proven periodised training method that yields great benefits to athletic training.

  • Reduced the chance of injury through training
  • Increasing specific performance aspects at different stages
  • Prevents peaking to early
  • Stops a detraining effect from overtraining
  • Allows workout volume to be monitored for overtraining purposes
  • Allows for a greater peaking and tapering effect when its time.

A big key factor is sports performance is the task of injury prevention, that’s why we have such a big focus on injury prevention and prehabilitation of past injuries or possible injury sites.

Injuries can arise from:

  • Muscles imbalances
  • Overtraining (training to hard)
  • Not being prepared physically (being unfit or not strong enough)
  • Not having the correct motor patterns (technique)