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Strength Training

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Want to get strong and healthy for summer?

Have you been training for weeks, with no results to show for it?

You need JB Fit’s personal trainers and our Personal Training New Farm facility.

Contact us today!

Strength training has a role to play in every training goal, whether its getting stronger, losing weight or wanting to increase performance in a sporting activity. Strength training is vital for achieving your goal. Strength training is very misunderstood and underutilised with a lot of general gym goers and new Personal trainers. Strength training needs to be continuously changed and progressed (Periodization) and this will look different for each client and their different training goals.
Strength training is great for:
  • Increasing strength
  • Weight loss and Toning
  • Increasing your bodies metabolism
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Increase bone mass density and reduce bone mass degeneration (reduces risk of osteoporosis and improves symptoms)
  • Improves general health and wellbeing for individuals with health related diseases (Diabetes type 2, etc)
  • Increasing Sporting performance (Every athlete needs a level of strength and power regardless of sport to perform at their best)
Strength training will take on many different forms depending on numerous factors which we determine in the first session for every client. Those factors are:
  • Gender and age
  • Training Experience
  • Strength training goals (“I want to be able to do a chin up”)
  • Past and current injuries
After these limitations have been identified and recorded we then develop a training program that will reach you at your strength goal the fastest without burning you out or causing injury. Our Personal trainers in New Farm are highly experienced with the different styles of strength training we utilise from the typical high volume workouts to the high intensity powerlifting method workouts to your general bodyweight and strength progression exercises.
Strength training is a fundamental component of toning those stubborn and undesirable body parts that you have been complaining about for years. (This happens through increasing your lean muscle mass and helping to decrease body fat) Our Personal Training New Farm and Bulimba services provides you the most tailored and monitored approach to ensure you finally achieve your goals.
If you have been stuck in the same workout plans and not seeing the results you want. Just come on down and give personal training a shot.
Contact us today for your 2 Free personal training sessions.
It’s time to get those results with JB FIT.