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First time having a personal training session?


First time being in a gym all together?


That’s fine, We have taken out the hard work for you.


We have put in some of our most asked questions in clients first sessions.

Maybe you want to try out some barbell movements, maybe you want to get your heart rate up with some fun exercises, like jump rope, rope climbs, ?

The personal training studio which is located at 328 Harcourt St Newfarm, is a double story studio that has a great training vibe with no show ponies or big meat heads pumping iron to their own reflection. The studio has a full range of modern training equipment including free weights to boxing and everything in-between. The studio provides a personal and private experience when compared to overpopulated commercial gyms.

When you come in for your first session at JB Fit we will get right into some movements, get your heart rate up and begin to get an understanding of your training goals.

Getting to know you as a person is just as important to us at JB Fit because it creates a great client and trainer relationship which will help keep you on track.


Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s your first time, you’ll probably have the same questions we have been asked before – we hope the below helps, but as long as you are comfortable, you will be fine!

What to Bring?

All you have to bring is yourself, a water bottle and a towel if you want.

What to Wear?

Comfortable clothes, making sure that you feel comfortable in what your wearing and just a pair of shoes.

Do I eat and drink before a session?

Make sure you eat something light before training preferably 30-60minutes beforehand even if you have a session early in the morning this will allow your body to have the fuel its needs to get through the training session. Staying hydrated is vital, both drinking throughout the day and throughout the training session as well is key to your recovery the next day and your session performance as well.


– Shower, toilets, water fountain, waiting area filled with lounges.

How to get here and away:
Transport to and from the city, and Bulimba

– Car and Parking: The gym has a cark park that’s available to all personal training clients training at the gym. Also there is street parking available as well on Harcourt street and the surrounding streets as well.

– Bus: The 60 and 199 buses arrive at the new farm bus and ferry terminal which is just a short walk to the gym also the 470 and 393 both run past the two bus stops that are with 20m of the gym, which makes getting to your personal training session that much easier.

– Train: The closest train stations are Bowen hills and Fortitude Valley.

– Ferry: The Newfarm Ferry terminal is just a short 200m walk from the gym.